The mission of SUINSA is to overcome the role of supplier to become a partner of its customers, which would help to create bonds of mutual trust and to provide added value to each product. A case of success is the involvement of SUINSA in the production of BlisPack by Grifols Engineering. This machine automatically cuts and overwraps medicine blister packs, and it is used by hospitals to reduce the possibility of error in the administration of a medication. This project combines mechatronics and artificial vision, which has been a technological advance both for SUINSA and the whole sector.

Not just precision.

Zero tolerance

Our goal is to become partners in R&D, adding value to a flexible, attentive and collaborative customer service, framed inside a familiar and close work environment.


Collaborative approach to reach solutions.


High quality machinery and trained human team.


Cutting-edge technology. Specialized in precision equipment.


Attentive and transparent customer service.

Business activities and relations with industry sectors

In the beginning  of the business, SUINSA specialised in high added value machining. The main sectors were the automotive, with customers as Derbi and Montesa Honda, telecommunications (Alcatel) and the optical industry (Indo). The partnership with Indo allowed SUINSA to develop the comprehensive processes of machinery assembling, becoming a strategic supplier. The company is currently present in the medical & pharmaceutical and aeronautical sectors.

SUINSA seek the excellence developing its products, aiming to improve and expanding the services that are offered to its customers. SUINSA has nowadays three service typologies to give the support needed for each project:

  • Mechanisation of products: machining of small, medium and large series of components according to plans. This is the main activity of SUINSA. Each project emerges from the customer’s  needs and the goal is offering the best service and final result.
  • Assembly of subsets and machinery: in order to meet the customers’ needs of performing small assemblies after machining, SUINSA group created VISABERG. Nowadays, thanks to its work and the trust deposited by customers, this company has evolved to small, medium and large mechanical subsets, as well as the manufacturing, management and comprehensive assembly of machinery, including direct delivery to the customer.
  • Engineering of mechanisation: more than 35 years of experience allow SUINSA to offer any service related to mechanisation of parts. This way, the company is prepared to share its experience and knowledge with customers interested in the optimisation of manufacturing processes, covering quality, capacity and cost. That is why, SUINSA is open to perform both design and development in turnkey projects, including the manufacturing and design of prototypes and first part.