Activity Sectors

In recent years, SUINSA has entered new markets, focusing on cutting-edge technology sectors. This is the case of aeronautical, medical, pharmaceutical, biochemical and optical industries. The company continues to have a significant presence in the automotive sector. This great diversity, which has been allowed by its experience, technical equipment and human team, has allowed SUINSA to weather and grow during the last economic crisis.

The aeronautical & aerospace industry, currently growing and with a bright future ahead, it is SUINSA main activity sector. The company has specialised in the design, engineering and manufacturing of structural components, both metal and composite materials, internal design, onboard software, equipment and communication equipment.

Medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry is the second key sector for the company. It is an innovative and productive industry, generator of qualified jobs and it is growing in international trade. SUINSA offers all the assets this sector requires: constant innovation, R&D investment and quality. For these reasons, it is one of the major growth opportunities nowadays.

The third key sector for the company is the automotive industry, manufacturing equipment and components. It is one of the industries that generates more jobs both in Spain and Catalonia, where SUINSA is established. Between 2009 and 2013 the sector generated 20,000 new jobs, reaching 191,000 direct jobs and 309,000 including indirect ones.

>SUINSA operates mainly in Spain, but also at international level. As a company, it is involved in the region’s traditional industrial fabric, such as machinery manufacturing and production and the automotive industry. In recent years and facing the immediate future, SUINSA is expanding to Germany and France, the last one of great interest thanks to its strong aeronautical industry.

Among SUINSA main customers are: Biosystems, Bosch (Braking Systems), CESA -Spanish Company for Aeronautical Systems-, MDU, Sensofar, Grifols PBS, Indo Equipment, Ruffini S.A., Service Vision, Tunkers Iberica, Alumalsa and Ultrasion.